A workshop in the magical environment of Bali at the Melati Cottages, in the beautiful Penestanan Ubud.

Facilitators Alice Owen and Tracey Nicholson are both Dance Movement Therapists with a deeply held belief and experience of the healing power of dance as a medium for personal exploration, expression and positive change in many dimensions—physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual. Over 4 days and 5 nights in the delighted accommodation and movement space of beautiful Melati, participants will have the opportunity to reconnect with their innate dancing self.

Tracey will be sharing her knowledge of the moving body through Somatic techniques and Body Intelligence that generate skills to make choices to strengthen the body’s resilience. By listening to the voice of the body sensation becomes the tool for understanding your body’s wisdom and contributing to a life with a healthy balance of relaxation, fitness and well-being. Alice will be encouraging movement, theater and voice improvisation using a supporting, safe and nurturing process informed by her Speech Pathology and performing arts background. We will be using various modalities for expanding and processing your experiences. We include Somatic, Pilates, Dance Therapy, Sound and Movement Analysis.

Click here for full details of Bali 2017 Movement Workshop

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